"In the physical world, of all things it is beauty that expresses best the Divine. The physical world is the world of form and the perfection of form is beauty. Beauty interprets, expresses, manifests the Eternal. Its role is to put all manifested nature in contact with the Eternal through the perfection of form, through harmony and a sense of the ideal which uplifts and leads towards something higher."

––The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram


Patrick works closely with clients to realize a shared vision in art for their home, place of worship, or their educational, corporate, or public spaces. Carefully choosing materials and forms that harmonize with the message of the work as well as with the architectural or spacial context in which it will go, his artworks allow the owner to grow with them, inviting meanings that deepen over time. Owing to their physical properties, different materials can be used in art to communicate unique experiences that reveal something humanly meaningful. Gold, for example, is an option to communicate the divine presence since it has the character of purity and eternity owing to its lustrous beauty, high resistance to corrosion, and easy ability to alloy with other metals, yet retain its atomic structure when extracted. In a seeming contrast, clay has the character of atavism and inertness, yet it too is exceedingly plastic, able to be molded into any shape. To communicate the value and dignity of all forms, Patrick often lines the interior of his sculptures with gold or platinum. The primary forms of his sculptures are the hollow or empty figure and the contrasting solid or full figure. The hollow forms often carry the details of the figure on the inside of the sculpture, inviting viewers to look within the artwork and hopefully within themselves to see the hidden Light that's waiting there to be freed.



Patrick has extensive professional experience in construction management for large scale art projects, working with the top sculpture fabrication and construction companies in the business. His skills include cost estimating, budget development and tracking, acquisition management and contracting, scheduling, risk management, teaming and personnel management. Patrick enjoys working with owners, designers, engineers, architects, and other subcontractors to realize your project on time and on budget.



Patrick offers private lessons at his studio in the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, DC, in both visual art techniques and in the creative process that serves spiritual growth. He is an expert in traditional and not so traditional media for sculpture. He also offers courses in drawing, painting, as well as gilding and plating. Patrick invites his students to consider the creative process as a form of meditation or prayer that can lead, with aspiration and perseverance, to satisfying discoveries of the divine within the self, in others, and in the Earth through the very materials and processes used.

Patrick also seeks opportunities to teach at the college or university level, taking an interdisciplinary approach that invites his students to use the strengths of both hemispheres of the brain by providing challenging writing assignments that are integrated with challenging art projects. The arts' proven ability to develop the senses, the intellect, and the heart is central to Patrick's pedagogy.