My general approach

"Scope, Schedule, Budget!"

Whether you have a clear idea or need help in creating a vision, I can work with you to realize a sculpture or group of works that will be enjoyed for years to come. Each project is unique and hand-made to harmonize with a public space, an interior of a home, a landscape design or garden, a corporate space, a place of worship, or other locations. Therefore, the final price will depend on many factors. However, there are clear parameters given specific materials, sizes, and schedules that I can review with you either by email, phone, or in person. My work takes time to emerge, so careful and sensitive planning as well as an adequate schedule are crucial for the success of any project.

After I meet with a client to discuss the steps involved in a sculpture process, options for design, choices in materials, and a notional timetable, I will make preliminary drawings or a maquette for a fee. The design fee is typically between $1000-$5000 and will be included in the final price if you choose to go forward into production. Once we have a clear design direction, I will then work with my subcontractors to pull together a realistic schedule and budget. This can take up to one month depending on the design. As projects take many months and even years to complete, a payment plan will be integrated with the project schedule to accommodate the client's budget and to ensure smooth completion of each phase.

This is a journey we take together, and with my expertise and experience, you are in great hands.

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Possible pricing schemes

I work in many different media to accommodate different budgets and visions. As each material has its own "message", choosing the right media for your vision is foundational for the favorable outcome of any project I create. As examples, I work in ceramic, plaster, bronze, steel, clear acrylic, lighting, glass, gilding or plating with precious metals. 

Some basic principles: 

As a rule of thumb, a sculpture or relief made of an inexpensive material like plaster at a small scale costs much less than a sculpture made of an expensive material like clear acrylic at a large scale. However, the design affects cost as well. An intricate design at a small scale may cost as much as or more than a simple design at a large scale.

With this in mind, here are some broad pricing schemes:

I. Relief works or small sculptures that range in size from 12-18 inches: $5K - $15K

II. Life size portrait busts: $9K-$35K (this depends on inclusion of torso of the subject as well)

III. Medium size works within the range of 2-5 feet high: $15K-$60K

IV. Life-size figurative works: $85K-$250K 

Monumental Projects

I have extensive professional experience in construction management for large scale art projects, working with the top sculpture fabrication and construction companies in the business. My skills include cost estimating, budget development and tracking, acquisition management and contracting, scheduling, risk management, teaming and personnel management. I enjoy working with owners, designers, engineers, architects, and other subcontractors to realize your project on time and on budget. Contact me to discuss the possible scope, schedule and budget of your monumental project.